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Growth Properties Hospitality Management provides comprehensive hotel management services including cost controls, physical plant management, sales and marketing, accounting and financial, and human resources management.

Cost controls are implemented and monitored through analysis of payroll, reevaluation of energy costs, establishment of preventive maintenance programs, and utilization of an extensive standard operating procedures manual. Formal regular operations reviews, physical plant management, property cleanliness and safety measures, staff service audits and training, and energy cost controls are also implemented.

In sales and marketing, a strategic plan is implemented to show measurable growth of new and repeat business. Proven sales and marketing plans, social media, rate and yield management, thorough competitive analysis, procedures to track sales force productivity, tools to prospect for new business, website and internet marketing, and sales reporting and analysis are utilized.

Centralized accounting services are provided for clients resulting in lower administrative payroll costs and more accurate and timely reporting of financial information. The central accounting office monitors daily accounting reports, supervises payroll processing, prepares monthly bank reconciliations, files sales and use tax returns, pays invoices, and manages property cash. In addition, timely and concise profit and loss statements with appropriate general ledger details are produced. A wide range of asset consulting services are also provided including refinancing support, debt restructuring support, investment analysis, audit and accounting, transitional management, operating budgets, and profit and loss statements.

Human resources management services are offered to enhance profitability and make the most of the workforce. Policy development, implementation and enforcement, competitive benefits package development, purchasing and administration, personnel law compliance administration (i.e. ADA, OSHA, COBRA), unemployment cost control, labor relations, risk management, property and liability insurance administration, employee relations and compensation, and training and staff development are all included in the services provided.

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